Twisted Gin and Dry Vermouth

A glass falls, people laughing too loud, a piano being skinned’

Two characters living in a world of extravagant confusion, not knowing what is reality and what is absurd.

Paris late 20’s, 1928. We are in the era of flourishing art, people dress elegant and refined. A time of innovation, smoking, drinking, dancing. There is a general sense of happiness, but the illusion of the 20ies could give a certain pressure to be happy. We, ourselves, are located in this vibrating, exiting time. A time between two wars, a crisis, and an approaching change. Because of this sense of change in the extravagance of the 20ies, a second dimension is created out of an unconscious confusing between what was and what will come. This dimension could be described as a non-graspable absurd reality, which is more distant as well for the spectators as for the performers ourselves. It is more minimalistic and futuristic, lonely and alienating of what was before.

Twisted Gin And Dry Vermouth
Music: Charles Ives – The Unanswered Question, The Charleston Chasers – My Melancholy Baby, Draaiorgel De Arabier – Het Lied Van Pierement, Duke Ellington – Mood indigo, Solitude, Ischa Statie – Dearest…, Lou Gold Orchestra – I’ve Got Some Loving To Do, Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster, Panaitotis – Deep Listening, Sound effectsDancers: Ischa Statie, Nathalie Vermeiren

Choreographers and perfromers: Nathalie Vermeiren and Ischa Statie