Ischa recently obtained his BA at the ArtEZ Dancer maker in Arnhem, the Netherlands.  His work was shown at festivals like Cadance, ITS festival, Cinedans and Musica Sacra. As a dancer Ischa worked with choreographers like Örjan Andersson and Marina Mascarell with Skånes Dansteater. He was part of #Dayglow, a series of performances created as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides his dance training, Ischa has a musical background at Codarts Rotterdam and ArtEZ Conservatory as well. He worked for BeVoice Berlin as a musician, composer, choreographic assistant and rehearsal director.  He produces most of his own music for his work. Within Skånes Dansteater he led a variety of workshops for oa. refugees, differently abled bodies, elderly and children. Recently he received a residency at Danscentrum Syd (SE) where he worked on his research towards a new creation. 

Ischa is interested in transforming thoughts and concepts, into physicality and motion. Poetic and light, but with a social reflection.