Waar Wij Zijn

A performance created during April 2021, in response to the pandemic, in the city where once my education started; Rotterdam.

With questions like how we relate to each other and to all “foreign” spaces, after being confined for so long, are at the very heart of this work. With the Victoria Hunter’s chapter “Experiencing Space” as a directory, this duet deals with space in various meanings of the word, and the ephemeral character of the art of the body. What we do lives and dies with the performers but what remains is behind not the same empty space as the one before. There has been movement, people have experienced something together, space is changed.



With its upcoming first showing on April 7th, this duet, made in collaboration with local partners in Rotterdam, will be presented by various Rotterdam-based dance professionals on locations throughout the city. By appearing at locations that are not publicly disclosed on beforehand, local residents are invited to enjoy professional performing arts on the corner of their streets. Accessible, for young and old, dance lover or passer-by. With a focus on less fortunate area’s in the city, the work not only speaks to the intellectual insider of the arts community, but also addresses the  fundamental level of experiencing space though bodies to the ones less familiar with movement art.


Initially the performance never starts or ends. There is just space, in which we happen to move, whereon people happen to cast their eyes. Within this capacity we move throughout the city’s spaces. Facilitating experiences that encourage meeting and reflection, with ourselves or the surrounding people. Regardless of which a person’s social, cultural or architectural context we can always meet as human beings.

Photo: Joop Onk

Artistic Team

Maker: Ischa Statie

Dancers: Ischa Statie, Ornella Prieto, Tijmen Teunissen (Lazy Susan  Co.), Iris Boer (Lazy Susan  Co.)

Production: Alice Gioria, Sara Miguelote (Lazy Susan  Co.)

Social media/ marketing/ photographer: Catarina Ribeiro (Lazy Susan  Co.)

Costume supervision: Keren-or Ben Shachar (Lazy Susan  Co.)

Filmmaker (trailer): Hellen Boyko (Lazy Susan  Co.)

Tekst/ artistic Assistance: Tijmen Teunissen (Lazy Susan  Co.)

Supported by: Gemeente Rotterdam, Stichting Doom en Daad, Misiconi Dance Company, De Studio Rotterdam and SKVR