Two Bodies

When the first flocks of golden snow start to fall where summer and autumn merge, nothing is what it seems. An unknown body is found in space, apparently without any movement.

Moving between the worlds of Dalí, Magritte and the present, where an apple can not simply be an apple, we are looking for the balance between care and reality. Sailing on the sensorial stimuli of applesauce in a sea of apples, the movements grow further and further away from the fruit. Carefully weighing history and the present, looking after the other and one’s self.

Two Bodies – trailer

A show which is carried on our collective and individual history with food, and particularly apples. Led by an interest in the inclusion of taste in the performing arts, Ischa has been looking for a variety in physical and theatrical qualities with and about the apple. Bodily tasting it total awareness of sensorial experiences. With strong images and symbolism he challenges the experience of the contemporary perception of performing arts and one of the most common pieces of fruit.

By working with food Ischa tries to make the often abstract performing arts accessible. Food is something that everyone has an experience with, and by exploring that he wishes to unlock a potential world of experiences.