The Things We Don't know

Skånes Dansteater welcomes the second year students of Lunds Dans- och Musikalgymnasium for a new creation by choreographer and dancer Ischa Statie.

In ‘The Things We Don’t Know’ you meet dancers of tomorrow from Lunds Dans- och Musikalgymnasium, a school with a national intake of young persons with a passion for song, dance and theatre.

Relating to the pressing environmental and political issues in the world, ‘The Things We Don’t Know’ explores a way to give expectations a place and create different conditions in which it’s enough to just exist. Conditions in which one is allowed to make mistakes and to not only be busy with living up to the standards set by society. Letting go of the fast paced day-to-day rhythm and moving towards a temporality in which things are allowed to just be and grow in the moment. A space where we don’t know what will happen next.

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Viviane Fei della Puca
Dancer The Things We Don’t Know

When we dance, we’re  vulnerable. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, we are: We show sides of ourselves that we don’t really let anybody else see. This project has made us all vulnerable. In that vulnerability we can get hurt easily. A little too easily. That’s why most of us don’t dare to dance in front of others: one wrong word and you’ll remember it forever. I think that everything we do is connected to hope. We hope that the bus in the morning will wait for us so we don’t have to wait for the next one, we hope that the woman walking past us will say ‘hi’.. We hope to come home and not fight with our
family, hope that the person you care about cares about you too. Even in this work: hope that the people lifting will not drop us, hope to come closer to each other and hope to get help on the way. And as you said, the hope to be understood. I’ve never felt so calm and close to myself. I think it’s amazing though, to get to know your body without even realizing it, there’s just a sudden feeling of warmth and safety. Like home. I feel more at home in my body now. That’s something I haven’t
felt in a long time. It’s something I was hoping for.
I think hope is the only feeling stronger than love. If you have hope in things, you can change them. Hope makes you do things that you want or that you wish and dream about. And hope isn’t only about the future. Hope is now. We can change things that aren’t good. Now, instead of passing it on to later generations and trusting them to do the right thing. No. If we want change, we will have to be the ones to do it. Hope is our driving force. And we need our bodies, our homes, to accomplish that.

Choreography Ischa Statie in collaboration with the dancers

Light Design Ludvig Uppman

Sound Felix Ramirez

Costume Coordinators Khira Fromark, Lena Jonsson, Jennifer Larsson

Stage Manager Anna Jonson

Dancers Students Lund dans- och musikalgymnasium

Thanks to Sian Playsted, Catharina Mohlin-Christiansson