We all encounter feelings of loneliness, right? Immerse yourself in Astrid & Ischa’s honest, poetic, and alienating stories in BUILDING RUBBLE: a danced homage to loneliness – with touch starvation, solo 80s dance parties, nightly contemplations, and daily quasi-mishaps that no one has ever seen before.

In the 30-minute theatrical dance performance BUILDING RUBBLE, makers and performers Astrid Klein Haneveld (1997, NL) and Ischa Statie (1998, NL) take the audience through their personal experience around the theme of loneliness. As twenty-somethings in a world fraught with urban buzz, overwhelming online realities, climate crisis, and growing up as part of the ‘unlucky generation’, making and maintaining meaningful connections is proving harder than ever. The performance BUILDING RUBBLE is made from the belief that the feeling and experience of loneliness needs to be brought more into the light, and can be made more addressable. Especially the experience that young adults have with the topic of loneliness remains underexposed, even though they struggle with loneliness more than ever nowadays. With BUILDING RUBBLE, Astrid and Ischa want to share their coping mechanisms, comic anecdotes and, most of all, the lonesome dance parties they organise with themselves: a performative homage to loneliness.

In this poetic and alienating exploration of loneliness, the performers share autobiographical stories through movement and text, all the while they move through the audience: they explore distance and proximity in their lonesome existence, travelling through worlds of synthesized New Wave music.

Performance dates

29-2 CTF Utrecht

1-3 CTF Utrecht 

2-3 CTF Utrecht 

3-3 CTF Utrecht 

9-3 Buitenplaats Brienenoord

22-3 CTF Rotterdam

23-3 CTF Rotterdam

Maker, performer: Astrid Klein Haneveld, Ischa Statie

Music: Clara Cozzolino

Artistic coach: Gerben Vaillant

Visuals: Floor Verhulst

Thanks to: Café Theater Festival, This is not a show / Katja Heitmann, Buitenplaats Brienenoord, De Dansers